Drafted Speech for Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak, 27 May 2017/2561

Ven. Lim Vuthy, Victoria, 27 May 2017.
Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak 
Saturday 27 May 2017/2561 

The Venerable members of the Sangha, The Buddhist leaders, Distinguished Guests, Participants, Ladies and gentlemen! 

It is a great honour for us, on behalf of the venerable monks and Buddhist devotees of Wat Sereychum, to have a chance to deliver a message for congratulating the 10th Victorian United Nations Day of Vesak (VUNDV). It is a great pleasure to send our warmest greetings to all the Buddhist scholars and leaders gathering in Victoria to pay homage to the Sakyamuni Buddha, and also to people around the world. 

Fourteen years ago, the United Nations recognised internationally the Day of Vesak to acknowledge the contribution that Buddhism, one of the oldest religions in the world, has made to the spirituality of humanity. Today, we celebrate the 10th VUNDV to commemorate the triple-sacred day of Vesak, viz: Birth, Enlightenment and Passing away of the Sakyamuni Buddha. 

For forty-five years the Buddha taught the Doctrine which may be summed up in three commitments: (1) Sabba papassa akaranam, Avoid all evil; (2) Kusalassa upasampada, Cultivate the good and the true; and (3) Sachitta pariyo dapanam, Purify your heart. For over 2500 years, this basic teaching of the Buddha has inspired the followers to develop Metta loving-kindness and Karuna compassion which is most needed in the contemporary chaotic world. 

It has been noticed that Buddhism is the fast growing religion in Australia, thanks to her ideal values of multicultural society in which minorities have opportunity to practice their religions freely. Here, Buddhist and also non-Buddhist are interested particularly in Vipassana meditation as an effective method to heal their mental issue and stress, and to make mind peaceful. Our newly established Wat Sereychum hopes to contribute to this growing interest of Buddhist practitioners. 

Any day is called a good, lucky, and blissful day whenever we do good deeds in action, speech, and thought to all beings around us. May all beings be free from mental and physical sufferings. May all beings be happy. Sadhu. 

Yours in the Dhamma 

Bhikkhu LIM VUTHY (Rakkhitakusalo) 
Abbot of VBMA of Wat Sereychum, Australia

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