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A brief Introduction

Long established in Asia as a religion of peace and non-violence, Buddhism has become a fast-growing religion in Western societies today. Late twentieth-century globalisation has meant that the major Buddhist traditions all how have an international presence, and infringe on each other's territories. Buddhism has also become significant in North America and Europe. Many texts have been translated into European languages since the nineteenth century, and Theravada, Tibetan, Zen, Chinese and Vietnamese Mahayana, and Japanese Nichiren Shobshu Buddhist groups have mushroomed in the West. Meanwhile, both in Asia and the West, new forms of Buddhism have attracted growing numbers seeking spirituality compatible with contemporary life.

Vipassana Buddhist Meditation Association of Wat Sereychum is a non-profit organisation founded by Mr. Kimben Lim in accompany with his Cambodian and Australian Dhamma friends, on 14 October 2015. Kimben used to a monk in Theravada Buddhist tradition, having a vast experience in meditation (Samadhi) while being a monk in search of knowledge in Thailand and India, he came to encounter with many great masters who possessed a variety of meditation techniques that aim to develop mindfulness, concentration, superabundance powers, tranquility, and insight. From there, so many years, he learned how to meditate, how to control and calm the mind so as to find the inner peace in all kinds of situation. To know the great benefits of practicing meditation that could turn the bad behavioural people into a disciplined ones so finally and successfully, Kimben Lim has brought VBMAWS into being with the main goals and objectives as follows:

  1. To maintain Khmer identities such culture and way of life.
  2. To conduct Khmer language course and Buddhist values (Buddha's teachings and meditation) to Cambodian children.
  3. To instruct Dhamma teaching to Cambodian people regularly.
  4. To consult and discuss all family-related issues whenever required or requested.
  5. To care for and assist the needy of assistance.
  6. To spread the message of loving-kindness, fraternity, harmony, and peace among religions.
  7. To help guide the people from all walks of life in meditation practice without any discrimination based on race or religion.
  8. To hold the meetings and conference among religions on how to help better a society.

With determination and dedication in line of Australian laws, we do hope our organisation would doubtlessly contribute to stabilise the society mentally and physically in many years to come.

Yours in dhamma,

Kimben Lim

President of Vipassana Buddhist Meditation Association Inc.
22 January 2019

4 Filbert Court, Cranbourne North,
Victoria 3977

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